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Cell Phone Safety Debate Heating Up

People have debated for decades whether cell phones can cause brain damage or not.  The radiation emitted by these devices is regarded with great suspicion in some circles.  Medical researchers have yet to reach a definitive conclusion on the issue, but that has not stopped the Supreme Court of Italy from ruling that a brain […]

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Belkin Announce iPhone 5 Dock and Car Charger

That’s right guys and girls, Belkin are the first to jump on the scene and take advantage of this opportunity as they release an iPhone 5 compatible dock and car charger. These are the first two third-party accessories that have been announced and work nicely with the new Lightning port, and should be available for […]

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We are back in the media all thanks to Apple’s latest venture and announcement, which comes in the form of the Apple iPad Mini and Apple iPad 4. This iPad Mini device is a smaller version of Apple’s larger 9.7 inch model and will appeal to those who commute and need something portable that can […]

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Apple Shows Unlocked iPhone 5 Prices

There was no major new announcement regarding this, not that I saw anyway which makes me think that this might be a leak. Anyway, we bring you news that Apple have announced the price of a factory unlocked version of their latest iPhone. The prices here in the US range from $649 – $849 (dependent […]

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An Apple iPad Mini For $188?

The latest launch from Apple was the Apple iPad Mini, announced a few weeks ago and eventually launched last Friday. The iPad Mini went on sale for $329 for the base model, and has had mixed reviews from the public. This tablet has now been taken apart to see just what goes into the making […]

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iPhone 4S Sales Continue To Soar

If you stop and think about it, you would expect that with every new iPhone release the previous generations of iPhone sales will start to decline, as more people wait to upgrade. Right? I personally thought this pattern would continue with the iPhone 5 release, because as expected this latest handset quickly became one of […]