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SIM Card Based NFC Payments Coming to Vodafone

Vodafone, who are a global mobile technology company (as we know) and Gemalto, the world’s largest SIM card manufacturing company (as we probably don’t know) have joined forces to offer secure free SIM card based NFC payments to customers around the World, which in simple terms, means that you can pay for items by using […]

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Could We See The iPhone 6 & iOS 7 Soon?

Yep, I know, we have only just seen the iPhone 5 launched in the past couple of months and already we are here talking about how Apple could be looking at launching a new iPhone within a few months. This story has actually stemmed from a group of eagle eyed app developers who have spotted […]

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Sorry, You Can’t Have An iPhone 4, Your Fingers Are Too Fat!

Firstly, I hope that you all had a relaxing, and well deserved festive break. I know I certainly did. Some people’s New Year hasn’t gotten off to the best of starts though, as one rightly unhappy customer knows too well. Sorry, your fingers are too fat for an iPhone 4, is exactly what one customer […]

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Happy Holidays & Happy New Year, From all at

We are just about to shut down for the Holiday’s at, so before we go, we would like to take a minute to wish all of our fans a wonderful Christmas time and a great New Year. Whether you are spending Christmas at home, or traveling to family and friends houses, stay safe and […]

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Protect Your iPhone 5 or Galaxy S3 With a Seidio Vitreo

There isn’t much worse than shelling out between $500 and nearly $1,000 for a top of the range phone such as the S3 or iPhone 5, dropping it accidentally, and then finding out your screen has cracked. With Christmas just 5 days away we know just the perfect gift you can give to owners of […]

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It’s a busy time of the year for industries such as ours, when people who are receiving a phone or tablet for Christmas look for ways to dispose of their old one. We are therefore proud to announce that the media have once again spotted some stats that we put out in a recent survey […]