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Residents Line Up For Free Cell Phone Recycling Scheme

Residents of New York in the United States are lining up to take advantage of the new laws, which make it free to hand over old cell phones and other electrical goods for recycling. The free electronic recycling program went into effect all over the state of New York from the beginning of this month and consumers are more than happy to take advantage of it, especially given that they were formerly charged between five to ten US dollars per item they wanted to dispose of in a more environmentally friendly manner.

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K-State to Stage Cell Phone Recycling Event

Kansas State University in the United States will be holding an event for the recycling of old cell phones and other electrical goods. The event, which will be staged at K-State later this month, came about after the college teamed up with PSC Environmental Inc, which is an environmental services company that services the whole of the United States. PSC Environmental Inc has helped with similar events at other universities in the past, but this is the first time that K-State has become involved. The event will take almost all forms of electrical equipment, from used cell phones to televisions, computers, printers and so on.

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FCC Wants Tighter Cell Phone Booster Controls

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the United States wants tighter regulations on cell phone signal boosters following concern that they could interfere with carrier networks. Rather than going for an outright ban on boosters, the FCC is instead looking to tighten guidelines on them so that they can be used both effectively and safely without endangering carrier networks.

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The History of the Cell Phone in Three Minutes

If you have time, Google Vodafone’s “Evolution of the Mobile” video that was created to advertise Android – a video which takes an old chunky handset and morphs it into a modern smartphone.

The video was produced for Vodafone, one of the UK’s top cellular phone service providers. The technology behind the video is 3D projection mapping, where an object serves as the projection screen, rather than having the traditional flat projection screen hung behind it on a wall. For this video, the screen is a table on which a series of cell phones are placed. According to the write-ups, the 3D projection mapping techniques are being used on a small scale never seen before.

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Four Hundred Cell Phone Tickets in Just Five Days

Police in Sonoma County in California in the United States have issued over four hundred tickets to drivers using their cell phones while operating their motor vehicle in the space of just five days. The great majority of the tickets were issued over just two days in what is a large crackdown on the illegal use of cell phones while driving being carried out throughout the state of California all across the month of April in what is being termed “Distracted Drive Awareness Month’.

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Recycling Cell Phones to Help Doctors

A student anti-genocide organization and an activist program at the University of Regis in the United States are encouraging students to donate old cell phones in a bid to help doctors who are working in often dangerous overseas countries. The student organizations, STAND and the Engaged Scholar Activist Program are running the drive for the recycling of old cell phones.

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Recycling Cell Phones on the Rise in Westport

The recycling of old cell phones and other forms of electrical waste is on the increase in Westport in Connecticut in the United States. Official figures show that local citizens are depositing more used cell phones and other electrical items at the town transfer station and recycling center, which is situated on Sherwood Island Connector, than ever before, with forty tons of electrical waste having been dropped off there for recycling since July last year, which evens out to almost four point seven tons each and every month. The waste center began accepting used cell phones and other electrical items for recycling three years ago back in 2008,

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How to Sell Used Cell Phones Online

A good way to bring in a little extra cash and a great way to ensure that there is less electronic waste making its way to our landfills, selling your used cell phone online is a good habit to form.

Selling used cell phones online is a simple process and using Sell Cell makes it even simpler. We provide you with all of the information you need in one place. We compare prices daily on 1,000s of cell makes and models and present them in an easy to read listing. We show you exactly what online cell phone recyclers are offering, how they pay, even whether they accept non-working phones or not. Then, we provide a link straight to the recycler’s site so that you can start the process.

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Cash, Credit, or Cell?

According to an article by Scott Canon of the Kansas City Star, Sprint Nextel confirmed yesterday that it intends to lead the way in the US transition to NFC.

For those of you who don’t know, NFC stands for “near field communication” and is a technology that, when included in our cell phones, turns them into a type of mobile payment device. Using specially-designed checkout terminals or readers, a person can swipe their phone to pay for goods and services.