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Sprint Towards Eco-Friendly Cell Phones

Sprint is already a leader in the area of environmentally friendly products in the wireless industry, and now they are set to expand on that trend with the new Samsung Replenish. The Samsung Replenish is a cell phone with an Android operating system and QWERTY keyboard that is also enabled with Sprint ID.

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Verizon iPhone Boosts Apple’s Ad Impressions Ranking

This is from an article on CNET, one of my favourite websites for technology and gadget news, and statistics are based upon ad impressions as tracked by Millennial Media and released in March 2011.

According to the article, while Android is still the leading OS on Millennial Media’s advertising network, Verizon’s adoption of the iPhone has helped boost iOS ranking – rising by 11 per cent since February.

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New Cell Phone Recycling Plant Opens

A new facility for residents to hand in old cell phones and other electronic items for recycling has opened up in Lancaster in New York in the United States. Sunnking Electronics Recycling Inc, located at 2 Benzel Court, allows locals to dispose of used cell phones and other unwanted electrical goods in a safe and environmentally responsible manner and is now free to use thanks to the legislation that became law in New York on the first of this month.

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Electronics Industry Commits to Recycling

Leading names in the electronics industry have joined forces to launch a unique recycling initiative for electrical items, including old cell phones. Panasonic became the latest big name company to join the initiative, which aims to have reached a goal of recycling more than a billion pounds worth of electrical equipment per year, including used cell phones, by the year 2016, a number that would be more than three times the figure recorded for such recycling as of 2010.

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Dial A Cell Phone – With Your Mind!

Fancy making a call on your cell phone without having to use your hands? Soon you might be able to do so just by thinking about it, thanks to a new technological system being developed in San Diego. Tzyy-Ping Jung, PhD, a neuroscience researcher at the Swartz Center for Computational Neuroscience at the University of San Diego, and his colleagues have come up with a system which allows users wearing a wireless headband or hat fitted with electrodes that reads brain activity to operate a cell phone, just by thinking about what phone numbers they want to call.

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Party for the Planet with Cell Phone Recycling

Visitors to the Topeka Zoo can party for the planet by bringing in their old cell phones for recycling this weekend. This Saturday, the Zoo is staging its annual “Party for the Planet” event, which is the biggest combined Earth Day celebration in the whole world, with over 120 of the most rated aquariums and zoos throughout North America joining forces for the celebration. The “Party for the Planet” event is designed to celebrate wildlife and encourage visitors to the zoo to learn more about the natural environment and conservation.

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Recycle Cell Phones at Kalianna

Kalianna is a not for profit organization in the Murray Basin region of South Australia, and is devoted to helping disabled people. Kalianna also offers an electronic recycling program intended to give new life to old cell phones, as well as other electrical items such as computers, photocopiers and televisions.

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Cell Phone Recycling Champions Honored

Six companies have been declared to be honorary recycling champions due to their efforts in recycling old cell phones and other electrical goods via the fundraising recycling program known as the FundingFactory.

“In the spirit leading up to Earth Day, we are celebrating some of our top recycling partners and applauding them, and other participants like them, for their efforts,” says the FundingFactory president, Sean Michaels. “We congratulate these champions for what they’re doing for their communities and their nation via this effort.”

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Lawmakers in Missouri Contemplate Extra Mobile Phone Tax

If seen to fruition, the new law will add a 75-cent monthly tax to Missouri resident’s mobile phone bills. However, while everyone hates new tax, the reasons behind it seem somewhat legitimate, as the tax will go to fund 911 emergency services.

Some taxes are already in place and according to St Louis, St Charles, and Jefferson county 911 call centres, the tax you are seeing goes to the wireless companies for infrastructure, not towards the support and maintenance of 911 services.