A Rumour – Tesco is Opening up Cell Phone Stores

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The prominent retailer is not happy by simply providing services for cell phones to stores, so it wants to take a step ahead and open a good deal of stores by itself.

This decision is supposed to have been taken after achieving success from the trial shops in Bristol. Within six weeks. Cell phone sales in the shop had reached a record level.

Tesco management refused to either deny or confirm the rumour. A representative of this firm said to knowyourmobile.com, “The Bristol Phone Shop has been the number one performing Tesco Phone Shop for contract sales across the Phone Shop estate over the past week, really highlighting how customers have responded positively to this new format.”

In the mean time, an announcement was made by Carphone Warehouse regarding curtailing the cost of the Nexus S smartphone from Google by £120 to £429.99.

The exact reason for this cut in price by the cell phone supplier is unknown. But analysts think that it is a smart step at the onset of Christmas.

The launch date of the cell phone was postponed for 2 days, with 22nd December declared to be the new date of release.

The Nexus S, also called Gingerbread, is the first cell phone featuring the Android 2.3 operating system. Near Field Communication is one of the phone’s advanced features which, according to several companies and Google, may change the method of financial transactions ahead.

Finally, the monthly plan cost was also curtailed by Carphone Warehouse. The phone has been made free for a contract of £30 per month.