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Side Street Technology

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About Side Street Technology

Side Street Technology

Unlike most recyclers Side Street Technology offers a different experience when you come to sell on your old electronics. Not only do they allow you to trade in old gadgets but they also provide a refurbishing service and help you protect data, by providing a data wiping service for laptops, phones and computer hard drives.

How Can I Sell?

So, you are looking to get rid of your unwanted cell phone right? Firstly if you have an iPhone then you will need to take different steps to sell it with Side Street Technology by filling out a different from to general electronics.

  • Step 1. If you click on the Request a Quote tab in the main navigation you will be able to then select the iPhone form link, the more information you can give to Side Street Technology the better. So just select your carrier and then follow the next steps.
  • Step 2. The next steps include selecting your iPhone model, the condition of it, and selecting the appearance of the phone. Once these steps have been completed you can then see the price that Side Street Technology offer for the phone.
  • Step 3. You will then be provided with shipping instructions by e-mail to ship your iPhone off. This will usually be paid for by Side Street Technology by means of a FedEx Prepaid Label.

  • Step 4. Side Street Technology will receive your phone and then check it over, once they have done this and are happy that everything matches up to what you initially selected you will be paid by check or PayPal (this option can be chosen in Step 3).

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