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GSM Phones Vulnerable to Hijackers

Vulnerability in a popular form of wireless technology could enable hackers to remotely get control of cell phones and use them to send calls or text messages, an expert on mobile security claims.  Hackers could use the flaw in the GSM network technology, a system that is used by billions of people in around 80 […]

New Device to Block Cell Phones While Driving

While federal regulators in the United States have begun making recommendations that all use of new and old cell phones should be banned for those behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, most experts agree that such a ban would be very difficult, if not almost impossible, to effectively enforce.  Now, however, a new idea […]

Lawsuit Targets Cell Phone Fees

Four cell phone companies are being sued over their ‘system access fees’ by a law firm in North Vancouver, Canada, which specializes in class action lawsuits.  The firm has filed court documents against the four companies, Bell Canada Enterprises Inc, Fido Solutions Inc, Rogers Communications Inc and Telus Corporation, on behalf of all the cell […]

Cell Phone Nabs Killer

A man wanted for the murder of his wife in India was nabbed by police barely seconds after turning on his cell phone.  The 25-year-old man turned on his old cell phone for as little as just three seconds in order to activate a brand new SIM card on the 5 November. However, it was […]

Staggering Number of U.S. Cell Phones

The wireless industry organization CTIA has announced that there are now more than 325 million wireless subscriptions in the United States, an increase of almost 10% over the same quarter 12 months earlier.

Unintentional Information Share? An Android Cautionary Tale

When it comes to mobile security and user privacy, Android apps may be falling down on the job. This is according to recent research published by Pennsylvania University and North Carolina State University.

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